You sometimes see special kites up in the air at a festival, or your local flying field.  
 They are exquisite, hand made works of art, that you discover you lust after.    
Some are made up of hundreds of bits of ripstop fabric, some are covered in beautiful painting,
some are made out of materials so thin that they look like they are not strong enough to touch.  

You begin to wonder "how do I get a kite like that for myself?".  
Well, you found the website where you can!  
Here at Windswept Kites we cater to hand made, artistic kites, banners and ground display items.    
These are from the makers themselves, who design and craft these items themselves.

Welcome to Windswept Kites

Scott Hampton
Aerial Art

Kites by Karl
Longbottom Kites

High as a Kite
High as a Kite

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Designs by ceewan

Patrick Tan
Layang man

Robert van Weers
Soft Kites of NZ
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Damon Meheux Feathers
Damon Meheux

Boreal Designs
Boreal Kites

Mike Dallmer Duckies
Mike Dallmer

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Designs by kisa

Gill Blooms, Sky Blooms
Sky Blooms

Robert Brasington
Robert Brasington

Tony & Petra of Nor'easters
Tony & Petra

Kites by Jacques Letourneau
Jacques Letourneau

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Windswept Kites
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Windswept Kites?

Ramlal Tien
Ramlal Tien

Will Sturdy Designs
Sturdy Designs

Christophe's Gingas
Christophe Tournay
The Yard Sale   
The place for kites, kite flying items that are looking for new homes.  
These items might be used, worn out, or in perfect condition.  Hit or miss.  As much information is given as possible concerning the condition and history of the kites offered here.  
Check back often as this page will change swiftly and silently!

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