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Damon Meheux has flown kites since 1997 both  Revolutions and stunt kites.

Rev Stack

He was invited to fly for the Decorators UK Revolution kite display team from 1997-2000, attending both local UK and international festivals.

Decorator stack

  Damon has enjoyed success in competitive stunt kite flying, a period of sponsorship by (Spirit of air kites) and appeared as a guest flyer in the "psycho" kite video by Andy Preston (designer of the Stranger trick kite).

After a number of years flying purely for pleasure, a purchase of an indoor Revolution kite ignited the passion he now has for the construction and flight of indoor kites.   Passionate indoor kite flyers are often frustrated by the lack of space and /or the frequency of available gym flying sessions. The " Feather"  was born from a desire to give the indoor kite flyer the ultimate in front room flight duration. Of course the Feather excels in  gym environments but a common limitation of indoor kites is flight/glide speed. The slower the flight or glide, the more freedom the flyer has to connect and express themselves.

The behaviour of the Feather when under tension (kite flight) is like any other single line kite but...much...much...slower!

Handi Chua demonstrates this beautifully.

The Midi Feather is extremely light (under 0.2g) and has been made with the lightest possible materials.  This construction technique produces a glide that can only be described as unbelievably slow.

There are two sizes of Feathers, and three flavors of each (Standard, Fire & Ice)
Both sizes
The Midi Feather is 15" x 10"
The Micro Feather is 7" x 5"
You can see the two sizes together here.

Sizes & Flavor

There are limited quantities of each size and flavor, so grab them while you can.
Feathers come with full care instructions and a bespoke line winder containing 20 denier line. (instructions are also available here)


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