About us


Rob has been flying since 1994, bought his first kite in 1995, started working at his favorite shop, in Newport RI, in 1997 and spent every weekend there for the next 9 years.   Many of you have met Rob, many of you have spoken with him on the phone.  
Rob is a flyer of all kites, but prefers Guildworks Decas, Matheson AzizA's, cool hand crafted single line kites, and neat ground display items.  

The Kite Dogs

Many people from all over the world have pictures of
 Sammy, the Cardigan Welsh Corgi,
and of Anya, the Swedish Vallhund.    
They were the greeters, the bag sniffers, the kite shop tennis ball pushers.
Honestly, they were more saddened than Rob was by High Flyers closing-
they do not see as many of their friends now.

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